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Batavia Research is constantly looking to broaden the value and application of digital firmographics. To support this, BR Labs is where we incubate and develop new technologies and solutions based on digital firmographic data. A guiding principle that ensures we focus on real world issues is our client-partners who directly inform the research and development priorities. Moreover, Batavia Research doesn’t work in a vacuum. BR Labs works with third parties such as academic institutions, “partners in development” and our existing clients to vet the value and application of our R&D efforts. The core initiatives BR Labs is pursuing are listed below. Please contact us to learn more about BR Labs and engagement opportunities.

New Company Detection

Nearly 9-7% of commercial entities in North America go out of business and are replaced with new entrants every year. This annual churn equates to roughly 1.4 million new commercial entities each year. These new entrants are usually off the radar of large data providers until public records have been processed and published or trade line data is absorbed. Leveraging digital firmographics can bypass slow-moving public records and trade data to discover new entrants on a real time basis.

Social Data Attribution

Today, unstructured social data is being generated and collected at volumes and velocities unimaginable a few years ago. However, the insights and signals buried in unstructured posts and comments are still hard to find. A key part of the problem is that high-volume social data providers don’t attribute posts, comments or user handles to a company or commercial entity. Digital firmographics can map organizations to their social handles thus providing the attribution needed to finally make sense of unstructured social media data.

Technical Firmographics

Within digital firmographics are signatures of specific technologies used within a company. BR Labs is improving the detection of these technology signatures and extending the matching logic to recognize usage of technologies that support ecommerce, hosting, marketing automation and recruiting. The broader application of technical firmographics can support sales and marketing activities and increased segmentations.

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Batavia Research’s advisor, Dr. Benjamin Yeo will be presenting at the Pacific Telecommunication Council’s 2014 conference between the 19th and 22nd of January 2014. Dr. Yeo will be discussing the implications of Batavia Research’s work and growing data base of company information and its impact on how businesses make decisions. Dr. Yeo’s background in data science and academia has been instrumental in helping Batavia Research improve data quality and pursue applications such as macro benchmarking and trend discovery.

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The Implications of Digital Presence: A Content Marketing Index of U.S. Businesses

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