This resource library is here to help you get acquainted with our data and solutions. We’re continually adding new material and updating sample data. However, there’s nothing like a good old fashion conversation, so please call or email us anytime.
white papers
digital firmographics white paper
What are digital firmogrphics and how can it add value? This white paper looks at how digital firmographics provides a more complete and accurate profile of a company that dramatically enhances data depth.
batavia research overview white paper
Company-centric social media and content marketing data for data providers and application vendors
what is the Content Marketing Index (CMI)
Learn about Batavia Research’s Content Marketing Index and the variables used in the calculation
application narratives (summary)
Learn how organizations are applying Batavia Research’s data through six application narratives (summary version)
data reporting philosophy and options
Empowering Users to Apply Company-Centric Social Business Intelligence Data
competitive intelligence sample report
This competitive intelligence report leverages digital firmographics to compare multiple companies in an industry.
what is batavia research
Learn what Batavia Research does for data providers and application vendors
social business intelligence
A Different Approach to Social Business Intelligence
solutions overview slide deck
Learn how Batavia Research can help data providers and solution vendors enrich company data and support new functionality
data details
BR Data Dictionary (Q4 2014)
View Batavia Research’s latest data dictionary. This dictionary excludes some raw metrics and unstructured post or comments. For a full list please contact us.
channel match list
View the list of 150+ channels that Batavia Research can detect and pair with a company’s digital marketing activity
data retrieval channel list
View the 11+ channels that Batavia Research can retrieve detailed data and insights from
channel metric mapping
View the mapping conventions for the channel characteristics that support the roll up metrics and calculations such as the Content Marketing Index
raw and calculated variables
View the raw and calculated channel data including post and engagement content, channel metrics, and normalized data.
api information
Job API documentation
the Batavia Research Job API allows for batch jobs that return company information based on requested companies
Service API documentation
the service API allows for specific Batavia Research company data to be requested


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