Batavia Research (BR) serves business information and financial service providers with digital firmographics that reduces the cost of verification, improves accuracy, expands “thin-files”, and augments risk and performance insights. This is achieved via BR’s proprietary technology that discovers, gathers and characterizes a company’s digital presence and marketing activities. The Business Health Indicator (BHI) is BR’s premier insight. The BRI is a cutting-edge alternative data indicator designed to characterize the going-concern of a company in the absence of financials or public records. This approach provides expanded insights into private businesses and helps verify and enrich thin-file firmographics. Underpinning BR is a highly automated, scalable platform that evaluates the digital presence and marketing activities of companies and brands. A language agnostic approach provides global reach and insights. Data is updated weekly and transformed into numerous metrics, historic dimensions, and various proxies and indices. Partners of BR have access to their data via import/export or API data streaming capabilities.

a culture of participation

At Batavia Research, we are a team of technologists, marketers, and data scientists that are passionate about learning from and contributing to the dialog surrounding social business intelligence. You’ll find us active in the social media-sphere and at content marketing and big data events.

a data paradigm shift

Batavia Research’s company-centric approach to data collection and delivery contrasts current solutions which focus on monitoring and listening to data streams based on predefined tags or keywords. We believe our approach is less chaotic and is better suited to support critical applications and quality data enrichment.

trusted solution provider

Batavia research’s team of technologist have decades of experience in big data, API development, and delivering proven solutions used by over 300,000 at fortune 500 firms. We’re laser focused on helping you achieve your business objective with social business intelligence data.

featured integration

Enrich your data using Batavia Research’s social business intelligence integration. Gain immediately insight in to the marketing activity and performance of your leads, contacts and more. integration example

the team

Our diverse team comes from a numerous disciplines ranging from big-data, enterprise content management, content marketing and social media marketing. We’re here to ensure your success and look forward to serving you.
Ben Desmarais
Ben DesmaraisProduct Quality Manager
Ben is responsible for product quality and testing, documentation, release controls, training and customer support. Ben has been involved in all levels of product development, implementation and consulting.
Jim Dodds
Jim DoddsProfessional Services Manager
Jim is the Manager of Professional Services and brings with him nearly 20 years of managerial experience from various industries including architecture, facilities management, and customer relationship management.
Dr. Niklas Myhr
Dr. Niklas MyhrAdvisor
Dr. Myhr is a professor of marketing at Chapman University and holds a Ph.D. from the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia. His interests include Internet marketing and marketing management.
Andy Nguyen
Andy NguyenSoftware Developer
Andy is responsible for the design and improvement of the user interface among other things. He’s a huge fan of Conan O’Brien and can do 80 pushups at one time.
Neil Nguyen
Neil NguyenSenior Developer
Neil manages the development of the Batavia Research’s application interface.
Phong Nguyen
Phong NguyenSenior Developer
Phong heads up the backend architecture and implementation. He has 20 years of experience working on enterprise search systems and numerous web services applications.
Hiep Tran
Hiep TranChief Technology Officer
Hiep is responsible for leading and architecting the development of all of Batavia Researches various solutions. He has diverse experience ranging from product development for commercial use as well as custom software development requirements.
David van der Roest
David van der RoestCo-Founder & Marketing Mgr
David maintains the vision and direction for Batavia Research. He works along side our clients to ensure we’re meeting theirs needs and adding value. David’s background has been in the finance and technology sectors.
Martin van der Roest
Martin van der RoestCo-Founder and President
Martin has multiple decades of experience in the software development/ business arena. Primary efforts have focused on the design and development of solutions for engineering and manufacturing environments. He loves a good Pinot while listening to Van Morrison.
James Welty
James WeltySenior Developer
Jim manages the development of Batavia Research’s automated channel detection service. He’s also is the brains behind the logic that maintains our data quality.
Dr. Benjamin Yeo
Dr. Benjamin YeoAdvisor
Dr. Yeo is a Professor at Chapman University and has a background in data science and academia. He’s been instrumental in helping Batavia Research improve data quality and pursue applications such as macro benchmarking and trend discovery.
Josh Tran
Josh TranSenior Developer
Misha Grigoriev
Misha GrigorievSenior Developer
Gerry Matlack
Gerry MatlackData Quality Assurance
Your Name Here
Your Name HereValued Team Member
We’re always looking for passionate people who share our values. Here at Batavia Research we have a problem-solving culture that believes that happy people are hard working people. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive employee benefits and fun, supportive culture.

archived event

Batavia Research’s advisor, Dr. Benjamin Yeo will be presenting at the Pacific Telecommunication Council’s 2014 conference between the 19th and 22nd of January 2014. Dr. Yeo will be discussing the implications of Batavia Research’s work and growing data base of company information and its impact on how businesses make decisions. Dr. Yeo’s background in data science and academia has been instrumental in helping Batavia Research improve data quality and pursue applications such as macro benchmarking and trend discovery. Learn more about Dr. Yeo’s presentation and how you can attend
The Implications of Digital Presence: A Content Marketing Index of U.S. Businesses

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