This Is Just The Beginning

We are Pleased to Announce That Batavia Research Has Been Acquired – January 14, 2017 “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” — Steve Jobs To our friends and customers: Today I am pleased to announce that an established leader in the commercial data industry has acquired Batavia Research’s technology platform, […]

Risky Business: Mitigating Risk When Twitter Says “No”

How we learned to love firmographics, say no to the social firehose, and sell insights … not data As data geeks know, the volume and velocity of content generated on social networks and media sites is producing a wealth of information.  Marketers and sales teams are finally learning how to make sense of this deluge […]

Driving New Business with Digital Firmographics

Batavia Research’s digital firmographic data provides unique insight into the inner workings of a company’s online marketing activity, strategic messaging, audience engagement and much more.  We refer to these insights as “social business intelligence.”  While there are many applications for social business intelligence, one of the most compelling is in support of sales and […]

Batavia Research Newsletter – April 7, 2015

Batavia Research Newsletter – April 7, 2015 View this email in your browser Batavia Research Unveils Largest Dataset of Company-Centric Digital Firmographics Across 1.2 Million North American CompaniesEnhanced Segmentation, Greater Data Depth and Actionable InsightsBatavia Research collects digital firmographic data that enables a range of solutions for business information providers, the financial services industry and sales & […]
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    Forrester Study Says Marketers are Struggling with the value of Content Marketing

Forrester Study Says Marketers are Struggling with the value of Content Marketing

All the More Reason for a Content Marketing Index I just read this article at Advertising Age … Marketers Still Struggling To Get Results From Content Marketing My distillations of the key points that were made are … only 14% of marketers told Forrester that their content marketing efforts were effective […]

Content Marketing Index™ – Measuring Content Quality

I received several comments almost immediately after posting last week’s Part 2 post, What goes into the Content Marketing Index™? One person asked “how can you measure the quality of the content?” What a perfect setup for this week’s topic. The Content Marketing Index™ (CMI) absolutely considers the quality of content. Recall that the premise […]

What Goes Into the Content Marketing Index™

Previously … here’s a quick recap from Part 1, an “Introduction to the Content Marketing Index™.”


“The Content Marketing Index™ is a data-driven, evidence-based, social business barometer of a company’s social media and content marketing activities. It is based on the principle that the manifestations of an organization’s content marketing lifecycle activities can be observed, […]

What is the Content Marketing Index™?

How are your social media and content marketing efforts performing? What activities are “moving the needle”? How are you doing against your competitors? Are there any predictive insights that can be distilled from another’s activities?


These and a host of other questions continue to be wrestled with by almost every type of business and industry. […]