Batavia Research Newsletter – April 7, 2015
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Batavia Research Unveils Largest Dataset of Company-Centric Digital Firmographics Across 1.2 Million North American CompaniesEnhanced Segmentation, Greater Data Depth and Actionable InsightsBatavia Research collects digital firmographic data that enables a range of solutions for business information providers, the financial services industry and sales & marketing.  Digital firmographics are based on the presence and activity of companies across digital and social media channels such as, websites, blogs, social networks and review sites.  This data can help reduce the cost of verifying company records, augment traditional firmographics, expand “thin-files”, and improve commercial risk and performance insights.  Download a free PDF White Paper on Digital Firmographics. Since Launching in November of 2014, Batavia Research has completed the first scheduled round of improvements to their digital firmographic detection technology and matching algorithms.  This has resulted in a 140% increase in processing volume and a 35% improvement to data accuracy.  Moreover, Batavia Research has expanded the number of social networking and media channels it can recognize to over 220 unique channels exacting over 350 digital firmographic attributes. for more information.
Free White Paper on Digital Firmographics and its Application Download PDF of White PaperWhat are digital firmographics and how can it add value? This white paper looks at how digital firmographics provides a more complete and accurate profile of a company that dramatically enhances data depth. For additional educational resources, please visit our resource page which includes white papers and data dictionaries.
Batavia Research Launches BR Labs Batavia Research is constantly looking to broaden the value and application of digital firmographics. To support this, BR Labs is where we incubate and develop new technologies and solutions based on digital firmographic data. A guiding principle that ensures we focus on real world issues is our client-partners who directly inform the research and development priorities. Moreover, Batavia Research doesn’t work in a vacuum. BR Labs works with third parties such as academic institutions, “partners in development” and our existing clients to vet the value and application of our R&D efforts.
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