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Batavia Research collects digital firmographic data that enables a range of solutions for business information providers, the financial services industry and sales & marketing. 

verify & append

Batavia Research collects digital firmographics based on the presence and activity of companies across digital and social media channels such as, blogs, social networks and review sites. This company-centric data can verify attributes of existing company records, flag discrepancies, and thicken thin-files.

social business intelligence

Digital firmographics can help inform sales & marketing activities by profiling the effectiveness of a company’s online marketing and related engagement. This “social business intelligence” has applications that include competitive analysis, market research, prospecting, and sales intelligence.

Business Health Indicator

The BHI is a cutting-edge alternative-data indicator designed to characterize the going-concern of a company in the absence of financials or public records. This approach provides expanded insights into private businesses and can ultimately indicate a company’s operating state.
“Unlike any time before, companies are using digital channels and social media to profile themselves, talk their about products, strategy, customers, and much more. Batavia Research is dedicated to discovering and making-sense of the many signals, proxies, and insights in this exploding source of new data. ”

profiling companies’ online presence…


Access Firmographics

Verify Company Information

Extend Risk Insights

Gain Competitive Intelligence


verify and append firmographics Batavia Research automates the verification and enrichment of both foundational company data but also non-traditional firmographics. For data providers seeking to improve the completeness and accuracy of company data, especially on small private companies, this approach dramatically increases the breadth and depth of information.  Address, phone numbers, hours of operations (store), social handles, and so on, are extracted from a company’s digital firmogrphic profile.  What makes this data unique is that it is originated by companies themselves which often makes the data more accurate and timely. There is no other public forum that allows companies to do this … especially for the private SMBs.
One of the more significant insights that can be derived from digital firmographics is the operating status of an organization.  This can play an important role in the verification and hygiene of a company record.  Knowing that a company is no longer operating can reduce the priority and/or eliminate the need for verification altogether.  Altogether, Batavia Research collects from 200 different channels (e.g. blogs, social networks, media sites, review sites etc…) that provide over 350 attributes.  Learn more about the data we collect in the Resources section.  Moreover, discrepancies with your existing data can be programmatically flagged and duplication eliminated using logic embedded in our delivery files. Please contact us for details on our delivery option.
social business intelligence Greater data depth drives greater segmentation and richer insight. Social business intelligence does this by bringing digital firmographics into the data mix to support sales enablement, competitive analysis and market research. This data offers a new perspective on commercial entities with metrics, unstructured content, engagement and much more.
Social business intelligence can play a key role is assessing your marketing performance against the competition. Inform everything from SWOT planning to market mix activities. Also, understanding what the competition uses for their digital channels, content themes, media variation (blogs, presentations, videos), and who is engaging their content are all invaluable insights. When tracked over time, these signals and proxies produce powerful historic trends.
To help do this, Batavia Research’s Content Marketing Index (CMI) (a relative marketing performance indicator) allows for “apples to apples” comparisons of companies or even entire industries. Moreover, alerting services provide critical competitive and market intelligence in near real-time. This can help identify customers who’re talking about your competitors, flagging competitor content that is attracting engagement, trending topics in your industry, and so on. Illuminating these insights and countless others can help organizations counter and/or adjust in a fast paced competitive landscape.
alternative risk indicators Batavia Research’s Business Health Indicator (BHI) is a cutting-edge alternative indicator designed to characterize the going-concern of a company in the absence of complete financials or public records. This approach provides expanded insights into private businesses and can help inform commercial origination decisions and supply chain management. Get the most out of the BHI with BR Company Downgrade Alerts and custom analysis and scoring services.  
“Batavia Research is constantly exploring new ways to leverage digital firmographics.  Learn more about these exciting undertakings in the BR Labs section”
— How it Works —
Batavia Research maintains a company centric approach that provides the largest mapping of brands to their content and social media channels, activities and other metrics.
Our Channel Match technology automatically pairs companies to their digital fingerprint with the highest accuracy. Syntax analysis and reverse lookup technology are used along with other proprietary techniques.
Data is collected and processed on an ongoing basis. Numerous rollups, metrics and other insights are developed to create a comprehensive profile of a company.
Data is accessible programmatically via our API or via a “job” based user interface. options.
The Data
firmographics and metrics
      Need company information … and at scale? Digital firmographic data consists of both foundational firmographics as well as social business intelligence that profiles the presence, activity and conversations about a company or brand. Below is an over view of this data as well as some of the premium insights that Batavia Research offers. You can access Batavia Researche’s full data dictionary in the Resource section of this website.
foundational company attributes
We’re listening to what companies are saying about themselves. This ensures our foundational firmographics are accurate and current … no matter how small a company is. Some of the attributes collected include location, contact, industry, founding, and employee count to name a few. For a full list of our data, please contact us for a data dictionary.
social firmographics
We provide data that profiles a company’s presence and activity across digital and social media channels such as, blogs, social networks and review sites. The attributes include the channels and profiles associated to a company as well as the engagement activity, posts and header information.
historic and trend analysis
Quantify a company’s performance over time by understanding the % change across numerous variables. As a minimum, 90 days of historic data are made available for each company.
premium insights
      Batavia Research answers questions with data. We offer a range of insights that help our partners understand and predict behavior and risk.
business risk indicator
The Business Risk Indicator (BRI) is Batavia Research’s premier insight offering. The BRI is a cutting-edge alternative data indicator designed to characterize the going-concern of a company in the absence of financials or public records. The BRI is ideally suited to extend insights into SMBs and private businesses.
company operating status
Leverage digital firmographics to understand whether a company is open or closed.
Content Marketing Index (CMI)
The industry’s first social business barometer profiling a company’s social media and content marketing activities. Ideally suited for prospect marketing and sales enablement, account audits, managed services, and competitive analysis.
BR alerts
Subscribe to Batavia Research’s notifications which offer real time alerts across a self-defined set of companies and parameters. Our out-of-the-box alerts include the BRI downgrade alert, CMI alert, operational change alert and sales opportunity alert.
custom indices and reports
There are a host of signals and proxies buried in the data Batavia Research collects. As a results, our technology has been configured to answer complex questions, produce tailored reports and support custom indicators.


APIs Our REST API is designed for easy integration with your existing environment. Full documentation and technical support is standard in our efforts to ensure that our partners can maximize the value of the data.
On Demand interface Batavia Research and its functionality is browser accessible. Available options include importing your own list of companies that you wish to have processed and exporting the company data to multiple file formats such as Excel as you need.

featured integration

Enrich your Salesforce.com data using Batavia Research’s social business intelligence integration. Gain immediate insight in to the marketing activity and performance of your leads, contacts and more.

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